Always On Headlights

The introduction of AOH (always on headlights) which applies to all new motorcycles imported into the UK from 1st January 2016 is a source of concern to MAG.

MAG is concerned that this has been pushed through by EU bureaucrats with no evidence to prove that it will deliver
enough benefit to justify the measure.

MAG recognises that the motorcycle industry enjoys advantage from a uniformity of production specification across the EU where many countries already require motorcyclists to use headlights in daytime.

Notwithstanding this, MAG is fundamentally opposed to the endorsement of what it views as safety gimmicks which are being introduced on the back of a frivolous experimental sentiment. Such a measure implies that a motorcycle is not something which the average motorist should be expected to be able to identify easily.

MAG is pleased that UK law does not, however require riders to use daytime headlights as the option to fit a switch and exercise intelligent judgement remains open. The onus will, however lie with the rider to spend money to fit the switch while insurers will have to be informed of a change of specification from the original.

MAG President Ian Mutch said, “If a motorist cannot see a motorcycle and rider in perfect visibility without it being illuminated by blazing lights then a question about that driver’s capabilities should be asked. Road safety is largely about attitude and caution not fashionable gimmicks whose benefit remains the subject of total speculation.”

Kind Regards
Ian Mutch
MAG UK President