Network – A networking tool for Activists and other interested parties

Network is the Motorcycle Action Group’s monthly activist newsletter and informs the UK’s motorcycling community of current threats to our chosen lifestyle and how to preserve this. The aim of Network is to promote ‘best practice’ in all we do. It facilitates the interchange of ideas between regional and local officers on how best to promote MAG activities. Network carries in-depth material to further our lobbying efforts and promote a genuine understanding of the issues we face.

The online version of each issue – click below to access – is published at the same time as the paper version and includes a pdf version that can be downloaded. A text only version is also available by simply signing up to the Network e-mail list.

In-depth MAG News – News – Campaigning and reports. Including – Vehicle Registration Bill – Daytime Running Light – Speed Limiters for Bikes – About FEMA – Campaign Briefing – Daytime Running Lights – Motorcycle Test Requirements – Parking Charges – MAG Strategy Campaigns – Motorcycles and Anti- Social Use – Consultations – MAG Events – Uk and European Issues – Speed Cameras – Congestion Charging.

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