Let Us In

Campaign goals

Let Us In is MAG’s campaign to expand and protect and increase the number of roads and road-space that we can use as motorcyclists.

Central to the campaign is the call for universal access for motorcycles in all bus lanes in the UK.  Currently motorcycles are permitted access to 48% of all bus lanes (by length).  MAG are calling for default access in all bus lanes to end the ridiculous patchwork inconsistent regulation from local authority to local authority, and in some cases even from bus lane to bus lane in the same local authority.

The campaign also seeks to win motorcycles exemption from restrictions to movement through bus gates and other traffic filters designed to manage cars.  Very often these traffic filters are introduced to manage congestion and emissions from private cars.  Motorcycles are a solution that help reduce congestion and emissions and should not suffer the lazy policy position of being associated with other motorised transport.  We have proven in Oxford and Cambridge that this can be a policy outcome when motorcycles are considered on their merits rather than simply being classed as small cars.

Finally, the campaign calls for motorcycle access to Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs).  ASLs are currently reserved for cyclists only.  Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users too, and would benefit from legal access to ASLs enabling riders to safely develop separation from larger vehicles when moving away from traffic lights.  This benefit is afforded to cyclists, and the exact same benefit should be afforded to motorcyclists.

Current Action

As part of the Department for Transport policy paper “Plan for Drivers” (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/plan-for-drivers ), the Government have proposed to:

  • refresh the technical advice, making it clear local authorities should use their powers to ensure bus lanes are open to motorcycles, and will launch a consultation on motorcycles using bus lanes as a default


MAG is calling for the scope of this consultation to be broadened to consider bus gates/traffic filters and ASLs in addition to bus lanes.


Please write to your local MP to ask him to help us campaign for the Department for Transport to agree to our request for a broader consultation.

Template Letter

Dear [name] MP,

I welcome the recent announcement in ‘The Plan for Drivers’ policy paper that there is to be a consultation on motorcycles using bus lanes as a default.

I would like to ask you to support the premise that motorcycle access should indeed be the standard policy across the whole UK.

I would also like to ask you to support the Let Us In campaign of the Motorcycle Action Group which is calling for the scope of the consultation to be broadened to consider motorcycle exemption from bus gate and traffic filter schemes designed to manage four wheeled motorised transport, and also motorcycle access to Advanced Stop Lines. 

I would welcome confirmation that you are willing and intend to contact the Department for Transport to add your voice to call for this broader scope in the forthcoming consultation.

Yours sincerely


[Address and postcode]

Previous Campaign Work and Publications

Watch the MAG bus lane default access video here.