This Constitution and the Articles of Association of the Company regulate the way in which the Company is operated.

Here are our principles:

  • MAG is a civil rights organisation working to influence political decision-making and social attitudes for the benefit of motorcyclists and motorcycling.
  • MAG exists to promote motorcycling in all its forms.
  • MAG’s primary consideration will always be that which it believes to be in the best interests of motorcyclists and motorcycling.
  • MAG believes in equal opportunities and guarantees, through its Constitution, the fair and equal treatment of all its Members regardless of race, gender, creed, colour or other distinction.
  • MAG shall run its affairs in an open and democratic fashion and shall seek to preserve and enhance the democratic freedoms of the society of which it is a part by encouraging the participation of all citizens in the political process at a local, national and international level.
  • MAG believes in personal responsibility, and that each individual has a responsibility to conduct themselves in such a fashion as not to endanger the personal property or wellbeing of others.
  • MAG believes in meeting its obligations to society, paying its fair share of taxes, treating its employees fairly and seeking to play a beneficial role in society.
  • MAG is a consumers’ organisation which seeks to ensure that motorcyclists are treated fairly when they interact with suppliers of goods and services.
  • MAG believes that there should exist the best obtainable free, competitive, efficient and transparent market in goods and services relevant to motorcyclists as can be achieved in a democratic society.
  • MAG believes a healthy motorcycle manufacturing and retail sector is essential so that motorcyclists benefit from the technological advancement, value-for-money and enhanced services that should result from a free, transparent and competitive market.

To see the full Constitution, please click the following link:

TMAGL Constitution AGC approved 2022


Motorcycle Action Group Membership Information

Join the Motorcycle Action Group or renew your membership. We intend to offer you the best possible choice of member benefits. – Click here to Join online now
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Single Membership – £30.00 *
Joint Membership (two adults) – £45.00 *
Family Membership – either single or joint adult membership with children added to the membership at £5.00 per child. *
Life Membership – Individual £450   – Joint £675 *

* For MAG to make the most of the money that we receive for your Membership, please help us by using a Debit Card for payment where you can.

New members between the ages of 16 and 25 years old receive a £5 discount on first year of MAG membership.

MAG Affiliate Motorcycle Club members who wish to upgrade to a full MAG membership will receive a £5 discount in their first year of membership. Ring MAG Central Office for further details.

membership benefits

Although MAG’s main activities are political, we intend to offer the best possible choice of member benefits.  Our member’s benefits are listed on the MAG Benefits page and you can read all about MAG at the About us pages.