Fight Motorcycle Theft

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) are hosting a series of meetings across the UK in an attempt to combat motorcycle theft. These hustings style meetings bring together local police, local Politicians and local councils to give the public their chance to make suggestions about what can be implemented to tackle the problem. MAG has already delivered 3 successful public meetings aimed at raising the profile of the fight against motorcycle theft. Gillingham in Kent, Birmingham and Hertfordshire have seen meetings earlier this year with riders given the chance to hold the authorities to account. The previous meetings have seen tangible outcomes, and the hope is that the next meetings will be equally effective.

Meeting Dates

Kent- 15/03/23




Hull- 21/10/23

Nottingham- TBC





The next meeting will be held in Manchester on the 21st September. View the Facebook Event, Calendar Event or press release.

Theft Press Releases

If you would like to be informed of event dates and locations when they are announced, or have suggestions of new areas to be covered please email 

How To Effect Change

MAG are committed to reducing motorcycle crime within the UK at both a local and national level by a variety of avenues. To help secure your motorcycle whilst at work Colin Brown, MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement has produced an employer’s guide to secure motorcycle parking which is available for download as part of MAG’s Ride to Work Campaign resources.  Extensive work is also carried out by MAG groups on a local front to see the installation of anchor points and other security measures for motorcycles on a frequent basis. These groups and Local Reps are also crucial in the road show style anti-theft events taking place. 

Medway Theft Meeting

The first meeting held was in Medway, Kent. As well as a good turnout from concerned local riders, the meeting saw promises from the PCC of funding for secure parking. Find further details of the Kent meeting in the video below.

North Kent MAG are arranging a follow up meeting with the Kent PCC (Matthew Scott) and Kent police (Inspector Jenner) to discuss what progress has been made since the March Public Meeting. The Police have been very accommodating and are arranging the venue and as North Kent MAG is very flexible and eager to progress the campaign. We are in also touch with the relevant personnel on Medway Council and BikerBiker and will be having another meeting with them as well to report on what the what further steps the PCC and Police are prepared to undertake.

Steve Mallett, South East MAG Rep

Motorcycle Theft = Motorcycle Casualties

Does motorcycle theft equal motorcycle casualties? Colin Brown, asked the question at the Strategic Policing and Crime Board meeting, and explains below why the statistics should encourage police to take more action to tackle motorcycle theft.

The Decline of Policing

Colin Brown Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement for the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) talks to Geoff Cadman on the decline in policing. MAG member Geoff spent 32 years in the police force in a number of roles from detached rural beat officer to Inspector. Here, in following to his soapbox article recently published in MAG magazine, Open Road, Geoff discusses the issues in current policing.

Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group

MAG are also highly active members of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group (MCRG).  The MCRG is a partnership made up of representatives from rider interest groups, the insurance and security industries, motorcycle manufacturers and retailers, and the Police with links to, and contributions from, the Home Office.

View the MCRG website here:

From MAG member's magazine Open Road issue September/October 2023

What You Can Do

To make these meetings a success we need your support. MAG encourages as many local riders as possible to attend a meeting near you to raise your specific questions and concerns. These meetings will follow the established format for MAG’s Fight Motorcycle Theft meetings with the audience Q&A session being the main event.

As well as your attendance we need help to spread awareness of the events, follow us on Facebook and our other social media channels. Hit ‘going’ on your local Fight Motorcycle Theft meeting Facebook event page and invite your friends.