Affiliated Clubs

MAG represents over 50,000 motorcyclists through individual membership and approx 150 affiliated clubs. Affiliated Clubs get their own page on MAG’s National website where they can promote their club through web-site and facebook links. The Official Affiliated club’s listings can be accessed HERE

MAG is the premier European motorcycle riders’ group and represents Britain’s million motorcyclists on a wide range of issues that affect all aspects of motorcycling.

MAG has a nation-wide network of over 100 local groups who organise regular local meetings, political lobbying, demonstrations, social events and charitable functions.

Benefits include:

  • Inclusion in the great international motorcycling community that fights hard to preserve the rights and freedoms enjoyed by motorcyclists
  • Discounts for specific MAG events
  • Club links on the MAG UK website
  • Option of discounted annual public liability insurance for your events, plus
  • Insurance cover available for hired in plant for events

Further information can be found in the Benefits section.

Affiliated club’s contributions to “OPEN ROAD” are welcomed. MAG called its magazine “OPEN ROAD” because it’s where we want to be. We have a club’s section in our magazine ‘OPEN ROAD’ and we want all clubs to feel that in “OPEN ROAD” you have a natural home. We are all about building a symbiotic relationship with clubs to promote our mutual interests and protect our lifestyle. Defending the freedom of the open road is what MAG is fundamentally about. MAG is an organisation going places for people going places. We don’t care what you ride or how long you’ve been riding, if you’ve got an appetite for freedom and adventure you’ll find kindred spirits sharing their lives with you between the covers of this magazine. If you want a magazine that informs, amuses, provokes and takes you places, a magazine that is always developing and responding to its readership’s ideas, get “OPEN ROAD”.
Affiliate clubs get a limited number of copies but affiliate members who trade up to full individual membership will get their copy of “OPEN ROAD” mailed to them bi-monthly. Whatever and wherever you ride you got to read “OPEN ROAD”.

Ian Mutch
Editor OPEN ROAD and MAG President

By joining MAG, your club becomes a part of the great international motorcycling community that is fighting hard to preserve the rights and freedoms enjoyed by motorcyclists, and to stop the unwanted and unwarranted interference of politicians and bureaucrats in our way of life. Affiliated clubs qualify for 10 main benefits:

  1. Access to MAG’s Public Liability Insurance scheme including “hired-in plant” when running your own club events. We can offer an e-mail advice service to assist you in obtaining the necessary licences.
  2. Free listings for your events in MAG’s superb magazine The Road, circulation average 10,000 copies per issue and the MAG UK website.
  3. Free link and logo placement to your club website on the MAG website.
  4. Discounted rates for display adverts in The Road.
  5. Discounted joining rates for your members who choose to upgrade to Full MAG Membership. Affiliate members upgrading to full membership will receive a £5 discount.
  6. Receive regular information on MAG Activities by subscribing to the various mailing lists at
  7. Representation by the National Clubs Liaison Officer on the MAG National Committee.
  8. Voting entitlement at MAG’s Annual Group Conference on the basis of one voting membership per each 1000 members affiliated (or part thereof) up to a maximum of 4 per club. Your club may nominate the persons to whom these are allocated.
  9. Regular briefings via MAG’s bulletin ‘Network’ so you know what’s happening in MAG and the campaigns we are involved in.
  10. Block booking advance-ticket discounts for selected MAG Events.


Full MAG members, i.e. those who pay £30 per annum for individual membership (or £45 for joint membership) enjoy a number of additional benefits, including;

  1. MAG Legal Helpline, advice on any legal problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provided by Access Legal from Shoosmiths.
  2. Access to great deals on bike and car insurance via Bikesure, MAG’s preferred insurance provider.
  3. The Road magazine mailed to every members address bi-monthly.
  4. Support and advice for motorcycling issues that effect you.
  5. Discounted access to MAG’s Rescue breakdown / recovery scheme.
  6. Discounted holiday travel insurance, ferry crossings and motorcycle tour packages worldwide.
  7. Plus we are constantly adding exclusive MAG Membership benefits/discounts. For the latest information, check out our website.
  8. Full voting rights.
  9. Full members get an increased level of discount for some pre-booked event tickets. In addition a wider range of events offer discount vouchers to full members.
  10. Dealer discounts at hundreds of retail outlets on production of a full MAG Membership card.
  11. MAG’s own credit card scheme.
  12. MAG Protected. This is the name given to the MAG Anti-Theft Reward Scheme. If any MAG member’s bike is stolen that member is entitled to offer a reward of up to £1000 for information leading to the return of the bike and the conviction of those responsible. MAG, not the member, will cover payment of any reward claim that results subject to the full terms and conditions of the scheme that are available on request.

If you are interested in learning more and the fees involved, the current MAG affiliated clubs pack can be downloaded HERE. If you decide to support, simply print off, fill out the details and enclose a cheque for the relevant amount and post to MAG Central. Alternatively phone MAG Central on one of the number at the foot of the page and the whole process can be completed over the phone.

Tel. 01926 844064