Resurface Our Roads

‘Resurface our Roads’ is MAG’s campaign to make road surfaces safe for motorcyclists to use.


Road surfaces can be unsafe because:

  • Central Government underfunds Local Authority road resurfacing, leading to a repair backlog of £14billion,
  • Local Highways Authorities cannot afford to resurface roads, causing potholes to develop,
  • Local Highways Authorities do not always recognise potholes as an increased danger to motorcyclists.


‘Resurface our Roads’ objectives are to engage with:

  • Central Government – to win increased road resurfacing funding to reduce the repair backlog,
  • Local Highways Authorities – to improve pothole repair and increase road resurfacing.

We need your support to make this campaign a success.

We ask you to take five simple steps.  They are all very easy, and could make the difference between a great and safe ride, or serious injury or death for you and your riding friends.

Step 1 – Watch the campaign video.

Watch the video, like and share it with your friends and contacts.


Step 2 – Sign the petition

Sign the petition by following this link: 

Sign the petition - Resurface Our Roads

Step 3 – Write to your MP

Write to your MP with the following points:



Not sure who your MP is or their email address?

Head over to enter your postcode and follow the instructions to find your MP and send the message direct from that website.

Write to your MP and Council - Resurface Our Roads

Step 4 – Write to your local Highways Authority councillor

Write to your councillor with the following points:

  • Describe the state of your local roads with specific examples where possible and your concern as a motorcyclist.
  • Say that you have signed the petition at
  • Ask your Councillor to watch the campaign video at  
  • Ask your Councillor if they have invested in a Pothole Pro machine
  • Ask your Councillor what training the local risk assessors have that enable them to identify pothole risks to motorcyclists
  • Ask your Councillor to contact MAG at to discuss best practice.



Not sure who your Councillor is or their email address?

Head over to enter your postcode and follow the instructions to find your Councillor and send the message direct from that website.


Step 5 – Let us know that you have done it

Send an email to with the subject title ‘ROR’ saying which MP and which Local Highway Authority you have written to.

MAG will initially measure success of this campaign on this site against the following:

  • Engagement with Members of UK Parliament or devolved Parliaments via letter or email:
    • Target = 150
  • Engagement with Elected Members of Local Authorities via letter or email:
    • Target 150


Do it now!

Don’t put it off, do it now it will take a matter of a few minutes, but will greatly help us to push hard for an end to the curse of potholes!

Resurface Our Roads

Thank you for your support!

Interview with Staffordshire County Councillor, David Williams