Act now: Motorcycles in bus lanes consultation.

The Government has launched a consultation on default access for motorcycles in bus lanes.  MAG has been fighting for policy consistency on bus lane access for many years and urges all riders to respond to the consultation.

Motorcycles in bus lanes consultation

As part of the Government’s Plan for Drivers a consultation has been launched asking for opinions on allowing default access for motorcycles in bus lanes.  The announcement was made on Sunday 17th March and the consultation is open until 9th June.

The Government’s news story led on other elements of the broad announcement.  Mainstream media reported on these other issues including LTN’s and 20mph speed limits.  MAG will be commenting on these issues separately.  However, MAG was quick to spot the launch of the long-awaited bus lane consultation.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement said:

“It is perhaps not strange that a key policy for motorcycling slips past the headlines.  But for motorcyclists throughout the country this really is an opportunity that must not be missed.  The fight for motorcycle access in bus lanes has been fought one authority at a time for over three decades.  A consistent national policy is long overdue.  I would urge every rider in the country to spend five minutes responding to the consultation survey.”

The Government is suggesting two options.  Option 1 is to do nothing and continue with the patchwork approach currently in place.  Option 2 is to allow motorcycle access by default in all ‘with-flow’ and ‘contra-flow’ bus lanes in England and Wales.  Scotland has devolved powers and cannot be included in this consultation, but MAG will push the Scottish Government to follow suit to create a UK-wide consistency.  Northern Ireland already allows motorcycle access in all bus lanes.

Since the promise of this consultation was made last autumn, MAG has been seeking to get the consultation extended to cover bus gates.  Disappointingly, the Department for Transport has not accommodated what we consider to be a logical extension to the discussion.  MAG will continue to push for motorcycle access through bus gates and other traffic filters.  We are therefore advising riders to mention bus gates and other traffic filters in the final question in the consultation survey.


The full Plan for Drivers news story can be found here:

The motorcycles in bus lanes consultation can be found here:

MAG resources including suggested consultation points will be published shortly on the MAG Let Us In campaign page here: