MAG warns drivers to look out for record numbers of motorcycles

Record numbers of motorcycles to take part in Ride To Work Day

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is warning drivers to look out for record numbers of motorcycles on Monday 20th June, which sees us celebrate the 31st International Ride to Work Day.  Motorcycling is booming and filter-friendly drivers will gain from this growth in motorcycle commuters.

Monday 20th June marks the 31st International Ride To Work Day and MAG has been helping to deliver the international mission to persuade record-breaking numbers of riders to participate this year.

Record levels of participation are achievable given the largely unreported growth in this transport choice over the last few years.  In the space of five years, the number of licenced motorcycles has increased by 6.8% in comparison with cars, which have increased by just 2.3%.

The growth in licenced motorcycle figures indicates increasing numbers making the switch from cars to motorcycles, which is benefiting all road users.  Bikes can filter through traffic, thus reducing levels of congestion and pollution on our road network.  The benefits to all road users are clear, which is why MAG is asking drivers to look out for them.  Creating a little extra space will not impede car drivers but every motorcycle filtering is one less car sitting in the traffic jam.


The campaign seeks to help employers understand the benefits that motorcycling brings as a transport choice.  An Employer’s Guide urges employers to consider motorcycling in their workplace transport plans.  MAG is also campaigning for consistent access for motorcycles in bus lanes.  Motorcycles can currently use only 48% of the UK’s bus lanes, but a petition has been launched calling on the Government to make access for riders the default policy in all bus lanes.


MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, says:

“We are looking forward to a day spent promoting the benefits of riding a motorcycle to work.  The best way to demonstrate those benefits to the widest audience is to get as many motorcyclists as possible to participate.  More bikes on our roads equals more space and less pollution on our roads.”