New report shows motorcyclists face disproportionate risk of theft.

motorcyclists face a disproportionate risk of theft

A new report from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) shows that motorcyclists face a disproportionate risk of theft. Motorcycles were eleven times more likely to be stolen than cars in 2021.  Motorcycles made up over 25% of all motor vehicle thefts in 2021.  MAG will call for increased focus on motorcycle theft at the National Vehicle Crime Conference.

MAG’s analysis of reported motorcycle theft data for 2021 shows the disproportionate level of theft faced by motorcyclists in the UK.  The report relies on Freedom of Information data from the nation’s 45 territorial police forces.  Additionally, the report reveals that in 2021 a little over 3% of all vehicles on UK roads were motorcycles, but they represented over 25% of all stolen vehicles.

Across the country, thieves stole an average 20 in every 1000 licenced motorcycles in 2021.  In stark contrast, a mere 1.9 in every 1000 cars were taken by thieves.  MAG is seeking redress.  Colin Brown will attend the National Vehicle Crime Conference in London on Thursday 30th June.  The event is billed to be opened by Kit Malthouse MP, Minister for Policing.  Colin will ask why all the focus is on car and van theft when a minority group are facing the highest exposure to the crime.

Report author, Colin Brown, commented:

“The analysis will come as little surprise to anyone that rides.  As motorcyclists we have to deal daily with the threat that our vehicles will be stolen.  I am disappointed that the National Vehicle Crime Working Group still openly states that its priority is cars and vans.  Any other minority group exposed to such a disproportionate level of crime would see rigorous action.  We don’t receive a level of interest by the authorities that matches the scale of the risk riders face.”

MAG is working with the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group (MCRG).  Also, it regularly lobbies Police and Crime Commissioners, Local Authorities and the Home Office on the issue.  The response to the lobby has, so far, been patchy at best.  MAG asks that all riders lobby their local PCC and MP.  As Colin Brown says: “Motorcycle theft cannot continue to be treated as a minor issue.”