MAG’s Move on Motorcycling manifesto was published and perfectly timed for the general election campaign. Many of you contacted your candidates prior to polling day, now we urge you to contact your MP’s.

Share the Move on Motorcycling manifesto

To get the issues we want raised on the agenda for candidates, we need all MAG members to familiarise themselves with the manifesto, share it with any other biker they know and of course ensure that every MP in every constituency has seen it. We need members help in spreading awareness of the manifesto by all means available. Word of mouth and social media are great tools to aid with this, share it on your pages, share it to your groups and raise the topic with your friends.

Download the PDF version of Move on Motorcyling

For those who prefer information in video rather than text format please see the MAG YouTube channel where you will find the first 2 of a 4 part Move on Motorcycling series with the next two for release soon.



Watch, comment, and share them all.

Contact your MP

MAG is encouraging members to write to their new MPs with the key message of highlighting three key decisions that the new Government needs to deliver.  The processes for all three were started before the election:

  1. a decision to drop proposals on ICE motorcycle sales,
  2. completion of the extended motorcycles in bus lanes consultation, and
  3. sign off on launching a review of the motorcycle licence.

Don’t delay, contact your candidates now!