MAG’s Move on Motorcycling manifesto was published and perfectly timed for the general election campaign.  Polling day is on 4th July, but the key to our efforts is to influence opinions and get motorcycling into the election dialogue over the six-week campaign period.  Many others will be vying for attention on a wide range of issues.  If motorcycling is to cut through, we need your help.

Share the Move on Motorcycling manifesto

To get the issues we want raised on the agenda for candidates, we need all MAG members to familiarise themselves with the manifesto, share it with any other biker they know and of course ensure that every candidate in every constituency has seen it. We need members help in spreading awareness of the manifesto by all means available. Word of mouth and social media are great tools to aid with this, share it on your pages, share it to your groups and raise the topic with your friends.

Download the PDF version of Move on Motorcyling

For those who prefer information in video rather than text format please see the MAG YouTube channel where you will find the first 2 of a 4 part Move on Motorcycling series with the next two for release soon.



Watch, comment, and share them all.

Contact your candidates

MAG are also asking riders in the UK to get in touch with their candidates to express their views on motorcycling issues and are offering the following template letter to assist.

The template letter is designed in a way that any rider can pick which issues are of most relevance to them as an individual, but still promote the overall Move on Motorcycling manifesto.  But, MAG are stressing that letter writing is simply the first strand of a highly creative and varied approach to getting the country to Move on Motorcycling.

To find the details of candidates in your area visit


MAG is challenging riders to get creative and relying on competitive spirit to create impact.  MAG is offering prizes for the individuals and groups who come up with the most original lobbying activity that gets motorcycling and politics coverage in the press and discussed by candidates.

The prizes include 2 free tickets to Yorkshire Pudding Rally on the 2nd to the 4th of August 2024, 2 free tickets to Stormin’ The Castle on the 30th of August to the 1st of September 2024 plus a selection of MAG merchandise. To be eligible to win simply send in evidence of your creative lobbying to, the competition is only open to all current MAG members including group entries from affliated groups, so if you aren’t a member, join now!

The winner will be announed following the election result.

Slow riding leaflet distribution, CBT’s for first time voters, drag races to polling stations – we expect to see the best and most original political stunts coming from the biking community over the next few weeks. 

Links to party policies and manifestos

MAG remains a-political and will only ever give riders the information to make an informed choice.

MAG’s role is to show you what the political parties’ policy impacts will be for motorcycling.  The following links will provide you with details published by the parties.  MAG will be analysing the alignment between published information from each major political party, and the Move on Motorcycling manifesto, but we would always recommend any individual to review the entire offering of any party before deciding how to vote.  Motorcycling can, and should, be a factor in your choice but does not need to be the only factor.


Current seats: 345

Conservative Manifesto 2024

Note: no specific transport policy mention


Current seat: 206

Note: no specific transport policy mentioned.

Scottish National Party

Current seats: 43  

Note: No specific policies mentioned for private motorised transport

Liberal Democrats

Current seats: 15

Note: see Transport

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

Current seats: 7

Sinn Féin

Current seats: 7

Note Sinn Féin are an abstentionist party, meaning they do not take their seats in the House of Commons


Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)

Current seats: 2

Note: no specific transport policy mention


Current seats: 1 

Note: see Transport – Personal Motorised Transport/motorcycles


Current seats: 1

Note: no specific transport policy mentioned.

Reform UK

Current seats: 1 

Note: see Transport & Utilities Infrastructure

Don’t delay, contact your candidates now!