Licence To Ride

Licence To Ride

MAG asks the next Government to reform the motorcycle licence regime. 

Excessive regulation has made obtaining a motorcycle licence ever more complex and costly.  In comparison with the simple three-step process to achieving a car driving licence, would-be motorcyclists face a confusing and expensive maze that the DfT can only fully describe with a five-page flowchart.

MAG research has shown that the current licencing system is delaying the achievement of licenced status.  Car driving tests are most commonly passed at age 18, whereas motorcycle tests are most commonly passed at age 24 despite the mode being open to riders from age 16 as opposed to 17 for driving cars.

Whilst some claim there is a declining desire amongst younger people to enter motorcycling, the reality is that over-stringent and complex licensing requirements have made motorcycling an unaffordable choice for most. This is having severely negative social and road safety consequences. Instead of integrating into a society of older, experienced motorcyclists providing positive role models and life guidance, as was once the norm, younger adults now often fall into circles involved in anti-social activities and crime. Riders seek simplification and cost savings whilst maintaining safety standards.  Government should accept that as the end goal and then actively discuss with stakeholders - including MAG and the industry - how to achieve it.

Despite others proposing detailed plans, MAG has not proposed – nor supported – any particular regime proposals: we seek first to secure a solid commitment to a reform process by Government with a clear commitment to achieving simplification, cost reduction and increased uptake of training and acquisition of motorcycle licences, before attempting to analyse options.  The purpose of reform must be clearly understood and agreed to avoid making a bad situation worse.

Delivery of a better licencing regime for motorcycles is dependent upon Government being willing to Move on Motorcycling.

MAG is asking riders in the UK to get creative in their approach to placing motorcycling in the general election discourse.  The ‘Act Now’ page recently added to the MAG website offers a template letter for riders to use when asking candidates for their views on motorcycling issues. Please visit the ACT NOW page now to see how you can get involved.

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