Big drop in motorcycle theft on the horizon?

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) can see potential for a big drop in motorcycle theft in the coming four years.  MAG has secured a cohort of Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidates willing to make the Fight Motorcycle Theft Pledge.

Big drop in motorcycle theft on the horizon?

So far, MAG’s Fight Motorcycle Theft Pledge campaign has reached the election discussion for 33 police force areas.  Bikers are voters, and at the polls they can exert genuine influence.  Thanks to the campaign they will be able to find 49 candidates across England and Wales who have shown a will to tackle the issue.   

One PCC candidate, in an email to a member stated, “I’m impressed by the way MAG has organised bikers.”


MAG collated a list of all candidates by force area.  Gold, silver, and bronze ratings have been applied to all candidates who are talking about motorcycle theft, and how they propose to tackle the issue.  Those who have not engaged at all have no rating.  You can find the full list here:


MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“We have used this campaign to put motorcycle theft into the mix for these PCC elections.  The public only get to decide who should be a PCC once every four years.  We have grasped this opportunity and have created a good degree of success.  For example, riders in the Thames Valley are guaranteed to have a PCC committed to the pledge.  We got all the candidates there on board.  There is still time for more candidates to get involved.  MAG activists are pushing to increase the level of support in all areas.”

MAG does not instruct riders which way to vote. We are making riders aware of where candidates stand on this issue. Riders can then make their own decisions.  Once the election results are announced, MAG will report the support for tackling motorcycle theft amongst the elected PCCs. 

The Fight Motorcycle Theft campaign will continue to push for significant reductions in motorcycle theft.  We will get better results if supportive candidates are elected.  So we urge all riders in England and Wales to use their vote wisely on 2nd May.