Deputy Mayor and Chief Inspectors to be grilled in Manchester.

One week in advance of the Manchester Fight Motorcycle Theft meeting MAG is confirming the panellists.  The hustings style meeting will give attendees the chance to demand answers from the Deputy Mayor and two Chief Inspectors from Greater Manchester Police.

Deputy Mayor and Chief Inspectors to be grilled in Manchester.

The Manchester Fight Motorcycle Theft meeting kicks off at 6pm at the Firbank Pub and Kitchen, Newall Green, in Manchester next Thursday, 21st September.  MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, will Chair the hustings style meeting.  The panellists will be:

  • Kate Green, Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester,
  • Stephen Warriner, Chief Inspector, Neighbourhood CoM South District, and
  • Mike Parker, Chief Inspector, GMP Safer Transport Team (Roads Policing)

The event is open to all riders in the area and will give them the opportunity to raise concerns, and ask questions about what action is being taken to reduce motorcycle theft in the Greater Manchester area.


Colin Brown said:

“I have spoken to the Deputy Mayor’s Office and Chief Inspector Warriner to confirm the format and set expectations for the meeting.  I would like to thank the Deputy Mayor, CI Warriner and CI Parker for being willing to engage with the riding public in this way.  I look forward to a strong attendance and robust discussion – these meetings can lead to better relations between police and public and tangible outcomes through increased co-operation and partnership working.   Tackling motorcycle theft can, and should, be moved up the agenda in many parts of the country.  Hopefully we can start to achieve this in Manchester next week.”

Event details can be found here: