Humberside motorcycle crime in the spotlight.

Humberside motorcycle crime, including theft, anti-social behaviour and related criminality will be discussed at a public meeting with PCC Jonathan Evison and Chief Inspector Derek Hussain on 21st October.  Both the PCC and Humberside Police are encouraging riders to attend to raise questions and concerns.

Humberside motorcycle crime

The next MAG Fight Motorcycle Theft Meeting will take place at 1pm on Saturday 21st October.  The public meeting will be chaired by MAG’s Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement, Colin Brown.  Riders will have ample opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and get direct answers from Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Jonathan Evison, and Chief Inspector Derek Hussain.

The meeting is the fifth, in a series of public meetings being held around the country.  Motorcycle theft is a major issue for motorcyclists with the average motorcycle eleven times more likely to be stolen than the average car.  Stolen motorcycles are often used for anti-social activity, and other criminal activity, causing a blight on local communities as well as law abiding motorcyclists.

Operation Yellowfin is the Humberside Police response to the issue.  Speaking about the upcoming event Chief Inspector Hussain said:

“Op Yellowfin is a Humberside Police operation tackling this criminality, we are keen to engage with the motorcycling community to hear their views and answer their questions.  I am looking forward to work with you in partnership in tackling this specific crime type.”

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner, Jonathan Evison, will also be on the panel for the meeting.  He said:

“I would encourage riders to come along to let us know first hand what impact this criminality has on them.  In an environment where police forces have limited resources and many priorities, we still need to be sure that the riding community feel that they are having their voices heard.  I hope that this public meeting organised by MAG will be productive and help us to work more closely with the motorcycling community.”

Event details can be found here: