Greater London MAG optimistic about reductions to Islington parking charges

The Motorcycle Action Group’s Greater London region is optimistic regarding progress on Islington motorcycle parking charges.  Meetings with Islington Council to discuss the charges are ongoing but the mood is positive.

Islington parking charges

Greater London MAG and Save London Motorcycling have reported that progress is being made on the issue of Islington’s motorcycle parking charges.  A number of changes to the proposals are now likely, and talks are continuing.  A pause in the charging is in effect while talks are concluded.


A Greater London MAG spokesperson said:

“Over a number of meetings and discussions with Islington Council officers and councillors there has been a softening of the proposals. We hope to be heading to a similar regime as currently exists in Westminster.  We are hopeful of a real win for riders who would have been facing an unfair level of charges.  We continue to lobby for further moderation, but we are pleased with the progress to date and hope we will be able to announce the full details soon.”