MAG calls for fair treatment in charging infrastructure

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced a doubling of funding for on-street charge points on 21st January.  The Motorcycle Action Group has welcomed news of this funding, but raises concerns about the suitability of provision for owners of electric motorcycles.

Speaking on Monday 21st January, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “We want to make electric cars the new normal, and ensuring drivers have convenient places to charge is key to that. By doubling funding again for charge points on streets where people live, and opening up data we are helping drivers easily locate and use affordable, reliable charge points whether at home or on the road.”
The Motorcycle Action Group, whilst welcoming the announcement, has, however, raised concerns that national and local government thinking is demonstrating a blind spot when it comes to the provision of charging infrastructure that meets the needs of motorcyclists.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, commented “I have had many conversations with local authorities, infrastructure hardware suppliers and other bodies that reveal little, if any, consideration of the needs of motorcyclists when it comes to charging infrastructure.

We support and promote the use of electric motorcycles just as much as conventional internal combustion versions, but iIf we are to see progress in the electrification of the motorcycle fleet, then some serious debate needs to be had on the specific needs of motorcyclists when it comes to the question of charging.
With the constant threat of motorcycle theft at the forefront of most riders’ minds, owners will need provision of facilities that allow secure parking at the charging locations.  This is before we even start to question the technical and ergonomic aspects of charging facilities.  To date, I can see no evidence to suggest that these questions are being asked or addressed.

I am calling on the charging infrastructure industry and government to take a long hard look at the needs of motorcyclists when it comes to charging infrastructure.  We cannot afford the option to switch to electric to be denied to motorcyclists simply because no thought was given to charging these machines.”

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