MAG celebrates 30 years of fun riding to work.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has announced the 30th International Ride To Work Day campaign.  This year MAG will celebrate fun – the real benefit of riding to work.

have fun riding to work

The international Ride To Work Day campaign marks its 30th birthday this year and UK promoters of the campaign, MAG, are using the opportunity to promote the fun side of riding a motorcycle or scooter, and reckon that riding to work is better than commuting by car.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, says:

“We spend a lot of time promoting the advantages of less congestion and pollution when it comes to motorcycling, and there is no doubt that a motorcycle commute can be far more practical than a car commute.  However, following a depressing year of lockdowns and restrictions, focusing on the sheer joy that motorcycling can deliver to a rider seems wholly appropriate.  There are many who have never tried powered two wheelers and they are missing out:  not only on the rather sensible benefits, but also on the chance to introduce a little more fun into their lives.”

Ride To Work Day 2021 takes place on Monday 21st June. 

This is also the intended end point of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown. 

Colin added:

“It is great that Boris has chosen to ensure that the end to all lockdown restrictions should coincide with our campaign and we look forward to official confirmation from Number 10 that support for the campaign goes all the way to the top!!”

MAG plans a program of promotion leading up to the event.  The idea is to spread the word that riding a motorcycle or scooter is a sensible and practical choice for your commute.  But the overriding message is that it is also good, old fashioned, unapologetic, life-affirming FUN.