MAG club affiliation scheme

MAG club affiliation scheme

Did you know that MAG offers a Club Affiliation scheme?

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the leading UK riders’ rights organisation, offers various membership categories, one of which is Club Affiliation. Clubs can affiliate to MAG for as little as £30 a year; a small price to pay for the benefits received, including exposure on our social media feed.

Affiliated club benefits include:

  • Receiving ‘to share’ copy of our bi-monthly magazine, The ROAD.
  • Discounted public liability insurance (PLI) via our insurer.
  • Reciprocal link to your website and social media.
  • Listing of your events in our magazine, and on our social media and website.
  • Club members upgrading to a full individual MAG membership receive a £5 discount on their first year.
  • Your club affiliation can start on a date to suit you. Many clubs choose to renew in alignment with their AGM.

Selina Lavender, MAG’s National Chair, says: 

“Club affiliation is an important aspect of MAG membership. Riders may think of MAG as an organisation for individuals; however, we also offer club affiliation. Not all clubs need a ‘one size fits all’ package so our affiliation scheme offers add-ons such as PLI. MAG benefits through engagement with the wider riding community, and the numbers it can genuinely claim to represent. When speaking to politicians and decision makers, numbers really count. No matter the size of your club, this is important to us as it makes a real difference.”

A spokesperson for one affiliated club said:

“Riders’ issues are very important to us and we know that we need to be part of something bigger to get the message across. We also know that protecting freedom isn’t free. Through affiliation we help to fund MAG, which ensures that the rider’s voice will be heard.”

Whether you are a motorcycle, scooter, sidecar or trike club, find out more about our club affiliation scheme by visiting our website contacting MAG’s Central Office at, or telephone 01926 844064 during office hours.


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The affiliation fee you pay depends on the declared size of your club.

If your club AGM isn’t for a while, and you’d like to receive a reminder about MAG affiliation, email with the date and we’ll schedule sending you further information nearer the time.