MAG confirms the full set of free river crossings on all major estuaries.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) met National Highways Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) leads on 5th October.  MAG now confirms free motorcycle river crossings on the new LTC.  Also access will be possible for riders of 50cc and above bikes on ‘L’ plates. MAG representatives secured the meeting following conflicting comments about access and charges for the Lower Thames Crossing project.

free motorcycle river crossings at Lower Thames Crossing

Confirmation of the exemption from all charges was confirmed in the meeting which took place on 5th October.   Despite confusion raised in earlier responses to enquiries, the officers were able to say that charges would exactly match those of the Dartford Crossing.  This makes motorcyclists exempt from charges.

MAG later received written confirmation from LTC that motorcycle access would allow riders on ‘L’ plates.  Officers at the meeting did need to check the detail before making the below written statement:

We are pleased to confirm that motorcyclists on ‘L’ plates, having completed a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, would be allowed to use the A122 LTC (new road and tunnel) – however please refer to further detail provided in the paragraph below. It is important to note that some of the new road connections from the A122 LTC would lead to a motorway (M2 or M25) and these will be clearly signed in advance so that motorcyclists can avoid them should they wish. This is no different to the current arrangement on the A2 eastbound where it joins the M2.  

In terms of wider usage, it is proposed that powered two wheeled vehicles with a 50cc engine or above (4000 (4 kW) Watts or above for electric powered two wheeled vehicles) would be able to use the A122 LTC, similar to what is allowed on a motorway. Whilst the A122 LTC would be an all-purpose trunk road (‘A’ road), it would include elements of technology to provide improved safety. In particular, due to the high volumes of high-speed traffic expected to use the A122 LTC, other slow-moving vehicles/users would also not be allowed to use the road.

MAG’s South East Regional Rep, Steve Mallett, expressed pride in the efforts of MAG members in securing this formal confirmation.

Steve said:

“It’s taken years of slog and personally I’m delighted.  Not just for me but also for the North Kent members that supported me.  They attended consultation meetings and answered the repetitive surveys that appeared every few months. MAG has successfully campaigned for free river crossings on all our major estuaries and LTC makes up the full set.”