MAG focusses on 2024

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading voice for riders’ rights, prepares for another busy year defending motorcycling.

MAG will continue to robustly defend riders’ rights and to ensure that motorcyclists influence local and national government policies in the year ahead.

Looking forward to 2024, MAG’s Chairman, Neil Liversidge, said:

“In 2023 MAG celebrated its 50th Anniversary by working harder than ever for motorcyclists and motorcycling. Our aim is to top that in 2024, a year which will see a General Election being fought between parties whose policies will make most people much poorer through their hostility to practical personal transport.
Our Operation Earthquake is ramping up. Climate change is being used as an excuse to exterminate motorcycling as we know it, for no real benefit to anyone and certainly not the environment. We shall never accept the death sentence that all the main parties have passed on our way of life. In 2024 we aim to create a political earthquake. We want electors to vote against all anti-motorist candidates.
Our professional full-time political team will continue to engage with policymakers. Supporting them, our thousands of volunteers will alert the electorate to what the realities of mistaken and so-called ‘green’ policies will mean to them. I also thank every one of our volunteer workers.  Without their expertise, dedication, and enthusiasm, we would not be the hugely effective organisation that we are.”

MAG invites riders, dealers, mechanics, racers and manufacturers to join MAG in what is now an existential fight for the survival of motorcycling as we know and love it.