MAG Legal

Contact MAG Legal: 0800 0467 237 or email:

As a member of MAG, you have exclusive access to our full legal team. MAG Legal have an entirely person-centred approach to rider welfare. Our legal team will look at every option to help your recovery journey.  If needed, physical and mental health support, assessment, treatment, and ongoing care or family support. We also provide an independent real-world valuation for your Bike and Kit. MAG is on your side.

All MAG Legal clients have direct access via mobiles/direct dial to their motorcycle solicitor, no one ‘hides’ behind receptionists.

Sadly, even our most skilled bikers can fall victim to the negligence of others on the roads, including the vulnerability of two wheels to poorly maintained road surfaces, diesel, or debris. If you are the victim of negligence, or any other misfortune caused to you while riding your bike Contact MAG Legal: 0800 0467 237 or email:


MAG Legal offers you:

  • A discounted No win, no-fee basis.
  • Experienced Motorcycle Accident Solicitors, who are also bikers.
  • Liaison with your insurer on your behalf.
  • Free second opinion for ongoing claims.
  • An easy online sign-up process.
  • Access to the best legal and medical teams in the UK.
  • Access to legal advice on motoring offences.
  • Immediate rehabilitation support.
  • Interim payments for financial support.
  • Replacement kit.
  • Bike replacement.


(Mag Legal and Mag Legacy are trading styles of Smooth Law Limited. ) Smooth Law Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA no. 619610)