MAG meets Sir Kier Starmer

MAG’s Michael Armstrong nabs Kier Starmer for a word about motorcycling.

Never one to miss an opportunity to talk about motorcycling to people of influence, MAG’s Michael Armstrong, Regional Rep for Cumbria, took the chance on Thursday to chat to Sir Kier Starmer!

Sir Kier was electioneering in Workington for the upcoming local council elections and Michael decided that this was a chance not to be missed.

“Most political parties don’t bother to think about motorcyclists and their needs when campaigning,” Michael explained, “but we are a significant proportion of the voting population.  I decided that this was an opportunity not to be missed and spoke to Kier Starmer about this omission.  Sir Kier kindly responded with an assurance that he would raise the matter with his political team”.

Michael regularly engages with his local MPs on motorcycling matters, both face-to-face and in writing.