MAG promotes better workplace motorcycle parking on RTW Day

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is promoting better workplace motorcycle parking for this year’s Ride To Work Day.  A survey has established that of those workplaces that provide on-site parking, only 54% provide motorcycle bays. 

better workplace motorcycle parking

MAG today releases the full findings of their survey on the Ride To Work Day website blog.  The survey shows that half of all employers are neutral when it comes to employee transport choices.  However, the analysis shows that there remain a minority of businesses that are perceived by their employees to actively discourage motorcycling as a commuting solution.  In a climate of increasing environmental awareness, this seems entirely illogical.  Motorcycles provide a clear solution for reducing congestion and emissions. 

MAG is responding proactively by using the Ride To Work Day campaign to launch an employers guide to motorcycle parking.  With easy to understand tips and advice and a supporting video, MAG aims to increase the numbers of employers providing good quality motorcycle parking.

Speaking about the new resources, MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“Any motorcyclists looking at the resources will probably think the tips are a bit obvious. They are.  But what we have to remember is that most employers and their estates managers will not be motorcyclists.  So explaining what to riders seems blindingly obvious is a worthwhile exercise.  Ride To Work Day is all about promoting motorcycling as a commuter choice to non-motorcyclists.  Clearly if we want more people to Ride To Work, we need to persuade employers to provide fit-for-purpose motorcycle parking facilities.  And we must not forget the need for helmet and PPE storage.”

MAG is asking all riders to promote the resources to their employer.  Even those that provide basic facilities may be able to upgrade and improve them.  MAG is working on a case study which should be ready before next year’s Ride To Work Day.  We hope to see many examples of improved facilities to show off next year.


Find the Employer’s guide here:

 The Survey Results Blog post here:

And the supporting video here: