MAG responds to Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has issued an initial response to the Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan. The plan sets out how the UK Government proposes to tackle carbon emissions from the transport sector of the economy on its path to delivering a Net Zero UK by 2050.

MAG remains opposed to compulsion as a solution to reducing carbon emissions.  We have always acknowledged the need to reduce the harmful impacts of transport and this is why we have long promoted modal shift to motorcycles as a significant lever for achieving that aim.

We are pleased to see the recognition of the positive and significant role played by motorcycles acknowledged in the plan, but are concerned that a technological roadmap for motorcycles has yet to be fully developed.  We call for the Plan’s recognition of motorcycling’s role to be applied immediately by way of a more proactive and inclusive approach to motorcycling in transport policy.

We urge the Government to listen to all voices in the forthcoming consultation which proposes the requirement for all new motorcycles and scooters being fully zero emissions at the tailpipe from 2035.  Equally we want to see consideration and support for the full range of potential solutions in the technological roadmap.

MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, said:

“MAG will engage with the Government and the motorcycle industry in this process and will continue to robustly represent all the opinions of its members.  There is still much work to be done to ensure the benefits of motorcycling are enhanced and recognised.  I am confident that MAG’s engagement in this work will be positive and achieve the best possible results for motorcyclists in the UK.”