MAG Seeks Compensation For Theft Victims

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is pressing for the  victims of motorcycle theft to be eligible for financial compensation.

MAG consider it outrageous that those who have already suffered the inconvenience and emotional stress of having their bikes stolen should then be billed before they can get their property back. Many victims of theft are horrified to receive substantial bills for the recovery and storage of their bikes.

MAG understands that the police and the recovery agencies that are often employed to provide these services all have to make ends meet but there remains something deeply offensive about a system that delivers a double whammy of injury to victims.

MAG recognises that in many cases the excesses on motorcycle policies renders it impractical for owners to claim against their insurers.

The elegant solution in MAG’s view is for the state to pay the recovery and storage charges and recover that cost from the criminals.

Further information:

Nich Brown: 01788 570066
or Ian Mutch 020 8556 6495