MAG takes motorcycle security from ‘Lock 2 Lock’

The MAG Foundation, has re-launched a crime-stopping initiative to help tackle the curse of the theft of motorcycles and scooters. Called ‘Lock 2 Lock,’ the idea is simple. You loop your lock through another person’s lock. Each rider can then release their machine without the presence of the other rider or riders.

‘Locking your bike to another object helps to make it much harder to steal,’ explains MAG Chair, Selina Lavender. ‘That’s what the MAG Foundation’s ‘Lock 2 Lock’ campaign is all about. The Lock 2 lock idea is very simple. MAG has promoted it in the past and is very keen to revive it. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll find a ‘Lock 2 Lock’ tag in the new edition of The Road magazine.
  2. Attach the tag to your lock to indicate you are happy for others to loop their lock through your lock.
  3. Make sure you only loop the lock and NOT the wheel or any other part of the other machine, or you’ll stop them from being able to leave!

‘And that’s it,’ adds Selina. ‘In doing this you make it harder for criminals to steal either motorbike because it’s very hard to move two machines at once.  Our thanks go to the MAG Foundation for providing the tags.’ Further tags can be purchased from Central office for £2 each.

Lock 2 Lock is just part of MAG’s campaign to fight against motorcycle theft. Whenever a machine is stolen, we all suffer with increased insurance premiums and the owner has endless trouble and stress from the loss. MAG asks you to take the time to put the tag on your machine, secure your bike with Lock 2 Lock and make it less attractive to the criminal low-life who try to steal our bikes. We’re also working to get secure parking for motorcycles but Lock 2 Lock is something we can all do right now: use the tag and get more protected.

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or