MAG urges all bikers to heed Government advice to stay at home

The Motorcycle Action Group has called on all motorcyclists to act responsibly by following Government guidance on Coronavirus to the letter. Leisure riding should not be considered essential travel, but where travel is essential motorcycling remains a very sensible choice.

Following the most recent escalation in measures to slow thespread of the Coronavirus, the Motorcycle Action Group has urged bikers to stay off their bikes unless they are genuinely making an essential journey.  Taking a ride purely for leisure must be viewed as socially irresponsible at this time when everyone’s travel is restricted.  Additionally, if the worst happened, a leisure ride could place more burdens on an already stretched NHS and emergency services.

MAG National Chair, Selina Lavender, says: “Now is the time to follow Government advice and stay at home. There will be time later for the biking community to come together, show solidarity and support those small businesses that will need and appreciate our custom once the current crisis is over.  All motorcyclists share a passion for riding, but right now all our passions should be aimed at saving the lives of all those at risk from this deadly virus.”

Riding a motorcycle is still a great way to travel and MAG will continue to actively and enthusiastically promote the mode of transport.  Riding a motorcycle is a sensible method of travel for essential journeys during the pandemic as it maintains social distance from other travellers.  

The Motorcycle Action Group has followed the Government advice to the letter, no doubt with the same level of frustration as everyone else. We have closed our Central Office until further notice.  Our staff and political unit continue to work from home.  The voice of motorcycling remains as loud as ever, and will get back out and about after the temporary restrictions have been lifted.

Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said: “this message feels at odds with everything MAG stands for, but we all have to accept that these are not normal times, and life just cannot feel normal right now.”

We can assure all riders in Britain that MAG remains open for business, and is highly experienced in working ‘remotely.’ MAG’s mode of operation is therefore entirely compatible with Government guidance – meaning that, even with the travel restrictions, bikers continue to have a powerful voice in Britain in the form of the Motorcycle Action Group.

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