MAG’s position and response on motorcycle theft.

motorcycle theft

Most bikers express great concern about motorcycle theft.

Motorcycles are vulnerable to theft.  Consequently , thieves stole approximately 23,600 motorcycles and scooters in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2019.  In other words, over 1.8% of all registered motorcycles and scooters in the country were stolen in just one year.

MAG’s position

The Motorcycle Action Group:

  • encourage owners to take as many security precautions as possible. We back a layered approach to motorcycle security;
  • urge all members of the public to share information with the Police, that may lead to the arrest of bike thieves;
  • promote the design of security features into motorcycles;
  • call for well-designed and plentiful secure parking facilities;
  • back the efforts of the Police to arrest and charge bike thieves; and finally,
  • support the use of meaningful penalties for bike thieves.

MAG’s response

MAG aspire to the eliminate all motorcycle theft in the UK.  This is, perhaps, an unrealistic goal. However, MAG seek to ensure the accountability, of industry, police and government, for improving motorcycle security. This is certainly not an issue that can be solved simply by the victims.  We are lobbying to promote the right of riders to have their motorcycles and scooters protected. The victims of bike theft deserve to be recognised and better supported by the authorities.

We play an active role in the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group (MCRG), and also maintain close ties with the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA).  Additionally, we work locally with Police Forces and Police and Crime Commissioners.

MAG collate data to highlight the scale of the problem at national and regional level.  We first published our National Police Force Bike Theft Rankings in 2019.  After that we committed to publish the data annually.  The rankings help to identify where in the country the bike theft issue is rife.

Most importantly, we call for the installation of secure parking facilities. Local MAG activists win many successes getting secure rails installed up and down the country. 

Meanwhile, our members benefit from the MAG Protected reward scheme.

Finally, the MAG Foundation promote the Lock-to-Lock initiative and supports a number of stolen motorcycle recovery groups.