The Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations thanks motorcyclists for their responsible actions

The members of the Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations have issued a statement thanking motorcyclists for their restraint and responsible actions so far.  Ahead of further – and more complex – changes to the lockdown regulations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland this weekend, the Coalition points out that the guidelines on meeting in public are not changing to any significant degree.  The Coalition’s existing COVID-safe guidelines will be kept under review.

Coalition thanks motorcyclists for their actions

The statement reads:

“The Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations is pleased that the vast majority of motorcyclists have adhered to Government Coronavirus guidelines.  We appreciate that the restrictions have had a significant impact on motorcyclists in terms of the sport, social and utility aspects of riding.  We are pleased that the ACU are able to begin scheduling motorcycle sporting events, but much of the social side of motorcycling is still severely restricted.  We hope that riders will continue to follow Government advice with the assistance of our tailored motorcycling guidelines, and look forward to motorcycling returning fully to normal when the virus is defeated.  We are confident that motorcycling will continue to be a vital part of our lives after the pandemic and, indeed, will be so for greatly increased numbers in the new normal that emerges.”

With detailed aspects of the Government’s COVID-19 rules and guidance changing on 4th July, the Coalition urges all motorcyclists to think carefully about how these impact aspects of motorcycling. The Coalition urges all riders to follow its guidance.  Riders should also use their good judgement in relation to the way upcoming changes to legislation now apply to their riding plans.


Camping and use of hotels and hostels will be allowed in England, provided social distancing and hygiene standards are maintained; pillions from within larger family ‘bubbles’ will be allowed too. Ferries are opening but quarantine for returners to the UK will apply; organised motorsport at private venues controlled by clubs will be allowed but the limit of people gathering outside in public space will still be six and social distancing must be maintained.


Although there are also expected to be some relaxations in Wales and in Scotland, the different restrictions that apply in these parts of the UK will continue. There may also be local lockdowns, as seen this week in Leicester. The Coalition asks all motorcyclists to remain COVID aware and COVID secure at all times and not to try to ‘stretch the envelope’ of what the new arrangements now allow. The pandemic is still far from over and the public image of motorcycling is still very much on the line. If riders have any uncertainties they should consult the Government’s guidance, which is accessible at .     


Issued on behalf of the Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations by the Motorcycle Action Group

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The Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations membership consists of representatives from the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF), the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF), IAM RoadSmart, the Auto Cycle Union (ACU), the Triumph Owners’ Motorcycle Club (TOMCC) and Biker Down UK. 

The original White Paper “Riding COVID safe: a discussion paper” submitted to the Secretary of State on 14th May can be accessed here:


The latest version of the Coalition’s Guidance for motorcyclists can be found at: