MAG’s ‘top five’ priority list under review by Roads Minister.

MAG's ‘top five’ priority list

The Motorcycle Action Group’s ‘top five’ priority list is now under review by the Roads Minister.  MAG surveyed members for their top priority actions that will lead to better outcomes for motorcyclists.

Representatives of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) met Roads Minister, Baroness Vere of Norbiton, on 27th January.  During the meeting, the Minister asked MAG to create a list of its top five priorities. 

MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, was keen that the list should be truly representative of the opinions of riders.  Therefore, a survey of MAG members was conducted resulting in the following list of priorities:

  1. Access to all Bus Lanes
  2. Better Road Surfaces
  3. Safer crash barriers
  4. More and better parking provision
  5. Simplified licencing and training

Unsurprisingly, the survey results coincide with themes that MAG regularly campaigns on at local level.  MAG has submitted the list along with a number of suggested ideas for how the Department for Transport can deliver these outcomes.  Above all, MAG wants to work with Department officials to explore all possible solutions.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, commented:

“Given the warmth of our meeting I am sure that the Minister will give the priority list fair consideration.  I hope that she will instruct Department officials to work with MAG to ensure that all possible levers to support the local delivery of these priorities are used. 

The stock response by central Government on questions such as bus lanes has always been that they are a matter for local government.  However, the Department does have considerable influence on the local decisions.   I am sure that now the Minister has demonstrated the will, the way can be found.  In short, I see this as the start of long, but happy, adventure.”