Minister commits to working closely with MAG on decarbonisation

Minister working with MAG

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has thanked Department for Transport (DfT) Minister Trudy Harrison, following a meeting on 15th December 2021.  MAG delivered an honest representation of members’ views on decarbonisation.  The Minister committed to continue working closely with MAG to ensure these views are considered.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, met Trudy Harrison on 15th December and was unapologetic for honestly representing the views of members.  Most are strongly opposed to a coercive, arbitrary date for phasing out the internal combustion engine.  Colin explained MAG’s opposition, but also its belief that an alternative route exists.  This route can achieve the Government ambition for carbon neutrality whilst also protecting the interests of the riders.

Colin said:

“I am very grateful to the Minister for giving me the time to explain the depth of feeling amongst the motorcycling community.  It was important to reinforce the fact that the scale of sacrifice being asked of riders is immense compared to users of other modes.  Motorcycling, for our members, is far more than a simple mode of transport.  The relationship between riders and their bikes is not comparable to that between drivers and their cars.  Equally the environmental impacts of motorcycles are vastly different to those of four-wheeled vehicles.  It follows that the policy approach should recognise these important differences.”

MAG has also begun more technical conversations with the decarbonisation teams within the DfT.

Colin asked Trudy to make a brief statement that could be shared with MAG members following the meeting. 

Transport Minister, Trudy Harrison, said:


“I would like to thank the Motorcycle Action Group for our meeting this week, and for the open and honest conversation we had about the decarbonisation of the sector in the coming years.

While achieving a net-zero future is at the heart of our transport agenda, the MAG were passionate and informative about the views of the motorcycle community as we make this transition. I look forward to continue working closely together so these interests are fully considered when we consult on the dates to end sales of new non-zero emission motorcycles next year.”

More detail regarding MAG’s position and proposals will be published in coming weeks.  We will continue the process of engagement to ensure that riders’ opinions are heard.