New MAG survey seeks opinions on motorcycle parking charges.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has launched a survey to gather opinion on motorcycle parking charges.  Many local authorities are looking to introduce charging for motorcycle parking bays despite the provision being sub-standard.  MAG is searching for the best possible outcome for riders.

motorcycle parking charges survey

Free motorcycle parking has traditionally been the norm in the UK.  Recently there have been increasing numbers of local authorities making moves to introduce motorcycle parking charges.  These plans often propose entirely disproportionate and unreasonable charges and meet great resistance from riders.

MAG argues that increasing attempts to disincentivise car use in congested city centres is being applied illogically to motorcycle parking.  Motorcycles help reduce congestion and emissions and should be encouraged.

The fact remains, however, that motorcycle parking options are sub-standard and rarely provide for the security needs of the transport mode.  Motorcycle theft is disproportionately impacting motorcyclists, and MAG is finding evidence that this is also having a significant impact on road safety statistics.

If motorcycle parking charges are going to be enforced, then MAG contend that revenue must be invested into bringing the parking bays up to an acceptable standard.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“We are exploring attitudes of the riding public in this thorny area.  It seems that councils are hell-bent on pushing motorcycle parking charges, which is illogical, but in the face of this stupidity we may be able to find a sensible balance that delivers a better outcome for all, including motorcyclists.  We cannot and will not stand back and allow motorcyclists to become simply another revenue source for Councils, but proportionate charges that are re-invested into the infrastructure may be more palatable.  We need to gather views and opinions of the riders who will be impacted as a first step to a sensible outcome.  Councils seem unable or unwilling to do this, so we will do it for them.”

The short survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete and there is room for comments and thoughts to be added.

Please complete the survey at