No time for complacency – MAG comment on FEMA’s blog

FEMA’s blog post points out the increasing signs that the battery electric only policy is meeting stiff opposition.  With several member states now saying they will oppose the EU’s plan to end the sale of non-zero tailpipe emission cars and vans from 2035.  In order for EU law to be rejected, a minimum of four member states must table objections. The 2035 ICE ban has now been challenged by Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, and Czechia, in addition to Germany and Austria, meaning it exceeds the required number. Analysts have also pointed to more countries, including Slovakia, Romania and Hungary, also opposing a law that was trumpeted as one of the EU’s most significant green deals.

No time for complacency

As Dolf Willigers points out, motorcycles are not mentioned in the EU proposal, just as they were left out of the original UK proposals, but the fact that the policy for cars and vans is facing stiff opposition is a clear demonstration that logic and reality are beginning to bite. 

MAG has consistently said that the policy enforcing an arbitrary end date for internal combustion engine technology is wrong – and wrong when applied to any type of vehicle, not just motorcycles.

These latest EU developments need to be recognised by our Government and the disastrous policy should be scrapped by the UK.

There is a place for electric motorcycles, both now and in the future, but MAG is clear that both technologies can and should exist together.  The final choice of the best powertrain for the individual’s needs should be left in the hands of those individuals.  We do not accept the Government interference in this area.

Now is the time to redouble our efforts.  Whilst signs are increasingly encouraging, now is not the time for complacency.  We need to ensure that UK policy makers come to their senses.  Riders made their views clear, both in the UK and Europe.  We will not sit as spectators, waiting and hoping.  We will continue to putting the Action in Motorcycle Action Group.