Ride to Work Day makes its Move on Motorcycling.

International Ride to Work Day is moving from the third Monday to the second Tuesday in June from this year.  This auspicious Move on Motorcycling means Ride to Work Day 2024 is just one week away on Tuesday 11th June.

Ride to Work Day

International Ride to Work Day is being promoted in the UK by the Motorcycle Action Group.  It was announced last year that Ride to Work Day – previously held on the 3rd Monday in June – will move to the second Tuesday in June. 

The Ride to Work Organisation, based in the US, is a non-profit organisation, advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation. They explained that in certain years, the 3rd Monday in June may fall on the recently established United States federal holiday of Juneteenth and many business and government entities will be closed. Because RTW Day is about riding to work (as well as for utility transportation), they decided to break with tradition and move the event to the Second Tuesday in June.

This day is chosen because:

  1. it breaks up the workweek better than a Monday day does (RTW Day is a demonstration day), and
  2. a midweek day is more likely to receive media coverage than a Monday or Friday.


MAG points out that this is an auspicious and symbolic alignment with the Move on Motorcycling concept for the UK General Election.

Colin Brown, MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, said:

“Move on Motorcycling is all about shaking things up and getting a positive outcome for motorcycling at this pivotal election.  It seems fitting that a change to the International Ride to Work Day comes right in the middle of the general election campaign.  Riders in the UK have another opportunity to get to work on a motorcycle, but the work this year is about securing a flourishing future for motorcycling.  If we can change an institution like Ride to Work Day, then we can change the future of motorcycling by voting for politicians prepared to join our Move on Motorcycling.”

Visit the Ride to Work Day website here  and join in on Tuesday 11th June by riding to work.  Make your work for the day convincing a political candidate to make the Move on Motorcycling. Find out about Move on Motorcycling here.