Ride to Work Week spotlights those who #commutehappy

Ride to Work Week 2016 is on between Monday 20th and Sunday 26th June.  The campaign aims to raise the profile of commuting by motorcycle or scooter and to highlight the main benefits.

These include:

  • Time saved – less time in traffic means more time in bed!
  • Money saved – save on petrol spend more on you
  • Easy parking – motorcyclists get into the smallest spaces
  • Road skills improve – riders who drive are better car drivers too
  • It’s just more fun – you’ll turn up to work with a smile on your face

Special content will be shared during the week via social media, using the hashtag #commutehappy

  • Riders can share their own pictures and Ride to Work Week content via the Facebook page and Twitter in order to show the rest of the UK why their mode of transport is so enjoyable.

  • Events will be held across the UK for the public and for employees at motorcycle friendly businesses. These range from ‘bikers breakfasts’ to VIP parking and free CBTs for non-riding staff.
  • The Ride to Work Week team will also put on a programme of events and Get On free ride opportunities in Northamptonshire, where the County Council is the first in the UK to actively encourage a modal shift towards motorcycling (more info available on request).
  • Special offers, promotions and giveaways will be available throughout the week.  Watch the Facebook page for details. These usually include free commuter cover from insurers, and offers on top brands for clothing and accessories as well as prizes!
  • IAM is offering FREE ‘buddy’ advanced taster rides for licence holders who want to check out their commute with a local advanced observer.
  • BikeSafe is holding a special ‘Bridging the Gap’ weekend workshop on June 18th and 19th at Northamptonshire Police Headquarters for riders who want to improve their riding. Booking is essential. £45 for the course.
  • People across the UK who want to try motorcycling for the first time can book a session at a Get On road show event. These are also on regularly throughout the year at Silverstone in Northamptonshire.  Booking is via  www.geton.co.uk
  • Special hi-viz vests and t-shirts are available to those organising events by contacting Stevie or Sandra via press@ridetoworkweek.co.uk


For further information/high res images plus other slides with key messages on contact Stevie Muir on 07989 378597 or email press@ridetoworkweek.co.uk

Notes for Editors

  • Riders are the happiest commuters.  In a one off report by the Office for National Statistics, commuting via motorcycle, scooter and moped was found to have no negative impact on wellbeing on journeys up to 30 minutes long, in contrast to those using the bus, cycling, driving or walking, who all experienced a negative impact after just 15 minutes.

  • Be nice to motorcyclists, they are reducing congestion for all road users.  A study which modelled a modal shift towards powered two wheelers for one of the most congested roads in Europe found that if just 10% of car drivers swapped to a motorcycle, scooter or moped, then congestion was reduced for all road users by 40%. If 25% swapped, then congestion was eliminated altogether.

  • Better car drivers.  Motorcycle insurance company Carole Nash found motorcyclists’ knowledge of road safety is almost twice as good as those who only drive a car.  To reflect this, they produced a special car insurance policy aimed at riders.

  • More motorcyclists, safer roads.  The Motorcycle Industry Association and the National Police Chiefs’ Council produced a framework of actions considering the idea that more powered two wheelers on the roads would increase awareness and reduce accidents. This is the same argument used by cycling lobbies and indeed an increase in both PTWs and bicycles is likely to benefit both groups.

  • Ride to Work Week is organised by the Motorcycle Industry Association and it incorporates Ride to Work Day, which is on Monday 20thwww.ridetoworkweek.co.uk