Supporting the French against compulsory dayglo et al – Saturday 18th June

The French are facing a raft of new domestic legislation; compulsory day-glo, immediate jail terms for those breaking the speed limit by 30mph, the removal of radar warning signs, bigger number plates for bikes so that owners can be identified, confiscation of any gadget that has the ability to map the location of speed cameras (i-phones, gps), removing the right to filter through traffic.

The list is long, but not surprisingly the French riders aren’t taking it lying down and rather than grumble down le pub, they’ll be out on the streets.

If you aren’t going to The Farmyard Party this Saturday 18th June and live in the south of the country, you may want to lend your support.

Demonstrations are happening all over the country and I will be in Lille (an easy hour from Calais) if you want to join me. Meeting by 2pm at the following map point, near the airport.

If you want to know more, or would like to support a different regional event, all the Departments (counties) have got something on, so have a look at the FFMC website (MAG equivalent) or see the FEMA links:

Remember, Ireland has now decided that full sleeve dayglo is a good idea too and the EU anti-tampering regulation, compulsory ABS et al, is still ongoing, so I hope that as many of you as possible will be in Birmingham to demonstrate on the 2nd July.

Liberty, equality, fraternity, demos and wine: There’s a whole lot of stuff the French do well (but maybe they could work on those squat toilets…)

See you in Lille? I’ll be getting a 10.30am Chunnel.

Words: Paddy Tyson, MAG UK Campaigns Manager.