Three demands: MAG ramp up pressure on Government.

The Motorcycle Action Group are ramping up pressure on Government to consider its ‘Three Demands’ campaign.  In a call for motorcyclists to write to their MPs, MAG point out that riders have every right to demand that funds are spent for the benefit of all.

Three Demands: MAG ramp up pressure on Government

The Motorcycle Action Group wrote to the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, last week with a set of three demands.

The three demands

  1. Specifically recognise and encourage the role of motorcycles and scooters as a socially distanced, congestion busting, and sustainable transport mode for post-COVID transport in all Government transport messaging.
  2. Mandate all local authorities to immediately allow motorcycle and scooter access in all combined bus and cycle routes.
  3. Mandate all local authorities to immediately provide emergency secure two-wheeler parking facilities that can be used by both motorcyclists and cyclists.

Despite calling for immediate action last week, there has been no response from Mr Shapps or the Department for Transport. 

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement said:

“We wrote to Mr Shapps with three perfectly reasonable demands.  Nothing that we are asking for requires the Government to find a single penny of additional funding.  Our demands simply ask that common sense is applied to mandates on the spending of tax-payers’ money.  It will take the work of a few moments to take the action we are calling for.  When we said we wanted immediate action we did mean exactly that.”

Ramping up pressure

MAG is asking its members – and the wider motorcycling community – to write individually to their local MP.  They are urging members to make just one simple request: “Will you support MAG’s three demands?” 

 MAG’s Chair, Selina Lavender, said:

“It will cost the Government nothing to modify future messaging.  Not one penny need be spent to ensure motorcycle access to new bus lanes.  Making new cycle parking facilities dual use will, again, cost the Government nothing.  But having to correct the mistake of inaction at a later date will be very costly.  The Government must show real leadership. Will the Government listen to common sense?  Maybe – if riders help us to create enough pressure.”