The Motorcycle Action Group invites you to enjoy Ride To Work Day 2020.

Today, Monday 15th June 2020, is International Ride To Work Day.  The Motorcycle Action Group, UK promoters of the campaign, invites everyone to enjoy the day and learn about the benefits of riding a motorcycle or scooter to work.

Ride To Work Day 2020

With the added benefit of a COVID transmission-safe trip, there are many other gains that can be made by an increased number of commuters choosing two wheels and a motor.

For those getting onto a motorcycle, they will personally save time and money on their commute, arrive in a better frame of mind, and will need less parking space than their car driving colleagues.  The benefits don’t end there, though.  For the wider population, a modal shift from cars to motorcycles will see significant reductions in congestion, pollution and emissions.  A study has shown that a 10% modal shift from cars to motorcycles would reduce congestion for all road users by 40%.  Allied to that there would be a 5.5% reduction in Nox, 2.5% reduction in exhaust particulates and a 16% reduction in brake and tyre particulates.  The CO2 reduction would be 7.5%,  which is in the order of eight to nine million tonnes of Carbon emissions every year.

Making the choice to hop on a motorcycle or scooter is certainly worth considering.  As Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, said “Motorcycles are an enormously important way of getting around”.

Filter Friendly

Safety is a natural concern for many thinking about riding a motorcycle.  MAG has taken the initiative by launching their Filter Friendly campaign.  The campaign simply asks drivers to look out for – and give space to – filtering motorcyclists.  After all, every motorcycle that filters past you is one less car in the queue in front of you.  The awareness campaign clearly sets out the benefit of filtering motorcycles, thus giving drivers an incentive to look out for riders.  The campaign video is being strongly supported by Bikesafe and Northamptonshire Police.



MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, commented:

“Planning for this year’s event has inevitably been impacted by the virus.  But, equally, the need for social distancing has actually increased the need for this awareness day.  Motorcycles are a perfect solution for socially distanced commuting, particularly for those commuters displaced from public transport.  If cycling and walking are not viable, the scooter and motorcycle can provide a more environmentally sound option than the car for many.”



MAG has developed a campaign website.  The site includes a Blog with interesting articles explaining everything you could want to know about riding to work.  There is also a resources page with media and fact sheets to help explain to employers the benefits of supporting motorcycles as a travel choice for their staff.