Good news for MAG Resurface Our Roads campaign in Staffordshire

MAG’s Resurface Our Roads campaign is recognising a good news story in Staffordshire.  The County Council has announced that it will soon be taking delivery of a JCB Pothole Pro machine.  This announcement comes days before a scheduled meeting between MAG, Staffordshire Councillors and staff.

Resurface Our Roads Staffordshire
Stafford & District MAG Rep, Eddie Foreman gets success with Resurface Our Roads campaign

On 7th July Staffordshire County Council announced that it will be taking delivery of a JCB Pothole Pro machine.  This is the same kind of machine as that featured in MAG’s Resurface Our Roads campaign video.

Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Commercial, Mark Deaville, said:

“The Pothole Pro will be a great addition to our arsenal of machinery and, alongside our £30 million investment in Staffordshire’s highways over the next two years, will really make a difference to our roads.”

This timely announcement comes as Stafford & District MAG Rep, Eddie Foreman, confirms that he has secured a meeting with Staffordshire County Council on 26th July to discuss best practice and the risks posed to motorcyclists in the county by the poor state of its roads.


Eddie Foreman said:

“This is wonderful news.  Having seen the Pothole Pro machine in action when I helped with the filming of the ROR campaign video, I know that this will vastly increase the potential for repairing our local roads.  We are not complacent however and are still keen to impress upon the Council the need for their risk assessors to fully appreciate the dangers that riders face.  I hope that the announcement will be well received by the biking community, and also that I will have further good news to share about the matters we raise in the forthcoming meeting.”

Eddie Foreman will be supported in the meeting by MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown.  Colin said:

“Eddie has been campaigning on the pothole issue for years now, so it is great to see perseverance paying off.  I hope that the forthcoming meeting will lead to even more good news, not just in Staffordshire but nationwide, as we continue to push the Resurface Our Roads Campaign.  We have already begun the process of lobbying MPs asking them to support our calls for greater funding commitments.  With a £14bn backlog, this problem needs more than just best practice, it needs a sizeable bag of money.”

MAG has set up a dedicated campaign web page with a simple five-step action plan to help riders get as active as Eddie Foreman in Staffordshire.  We will update the page with any news and information from meetings like the one in Staffordshire.  Please support the MAG Resurface Our Roads campaign: together we can make things happen.