Unfair Islington parking charges to be disputed at cabinet meeting.

Representatives of Greater London MAG and Save London Motorcycling will dispute proposed motorcycle parking charges in a public Islington Council meeting.  The meeting, starting at 6.30pm on 13th July, will see riders demanding a change, particularly to the proposals to charge electric motorcycles.

Unfair Islington parking charges

The campaigners have so far been able to secure a significant decrease to the proposed charges for motorcycles.  The Council accepted that the initial proposals were unfair and disproportionate.  The campaigning saw a pause to the charges which were initially launched in February without proper consultation.  Despite the success to date, Councillors have refused to engage fully, and still propose a charge of £1 per day for petrol and 50p per day for electric motorcycles.  No reasonable justification for these charges has been given.  The Council plan to re-instate the revised charges from next Monday (17th July)


A MAG spokesperson resident in Islington said:

“The way Islington has behaved is absolutely outrageous. They brought in these charges without consultation or warning, resulting in thousands of people being unfairly fined in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. They still haven’t given a public apology for the way they have treated their residents and still haven’t confirmed when they will pay back the fines. They are currently refusing to meet with motorcyclists. Which is why we are attending the council meeting on 13th July to demand answers to our questions on the charges.”

The campaign has asked riders to write to their councillors to express their disgust with the handling of this process.  Riders are also encouraged to gather outside to make their voices heard in support of the campaigners inside at Islington Town Hall from 6:30pm on 13th July.