MAG aligns with MP’s confession in Anti-Tampering debate.

Conservative MP confesses to a love of riding and driving petrol engine vehicles.

Steve Baker MP's confession

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) warmly welcomes Steve Baker’s remarks in the anti-tampering debate. 

After the petition opposing the anti-tamper proposals received over 112,000 signatures, the debate was held in Westminster Hall yesterday (Monday 25th April).

“I want to begin with a confession which, these days, I think is increasingly socially unacceptable:  I enjoy driving.  I enjoy riding a motorcycle.  I love petrol engine vehicles.”

Steve Baker went on to make a passioned defence of the interests of motorcyclists who love the experience and existential rewards of riding. 

The response to the debate from Minister Trudy Harrison repeated the Government line that there is no intention to prevent legitimate motorsport activities, nor prevent restoration, repairs or legitimate improvements to vehicles such as classic cars or motorbikes. 

“We don’t intend our proposals to negatively impact businesses involved in these activities either.”

Harrison stated.

“What we intended to do with this is prevent tampering that can have serious health and environmental consequences.”

The consultation received 7,891 responses and the full response is expected to be published in Summer 2022.

Ms Harrison said:

“Members of this House can absolutely seek reassurance that the proposals will not prevent all forms of vehicle modification.  That is not the intention, it is certainly not my intention, and we are carefully considering the scope of the policy to ensure that it does not prevent legitimate alterations or modifications including repair work.  As the Minister with the responsibility for the future of transport, my role is to ensure that we have a regulatory regime that is fit for the future, and which will achieve our vision of a better, greener UK, and to achieve this we are now conducting a series of regulatory reviews to consider how transport regulations need to change to make journeys faster, safer, easier, and more secure.”

Commenting after the debate, MAG Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“As was mentioned during the debate, the devil will be in the detail.  Whilst reassurances are being given, we shall have to wait to see the detailed proposals when they are finally drafted.  It was reassuring to hear that the concern over potential unintended consequences has been taken on board and will be considered.  We just need to see if the conclusions reached match our view of what is legitimate, not that of an overzealous nanny state. I share Steve Baker’s love of driving and riding petrol-powered vehicles – and that includes modified ones.  That should never be considered socially unacceptable and certainly not outlawed.”