MAG welcomes the sacking of VNUK.

VNUK ruling could have caused motorsport sector to collapse

A Bill to scrap the EU’s ‘Vnuk’ motor insurance law passed through Parliament yesterday (Monday 25th April).  MAG Chair Neil Liversidge is delighted that an issue he first flagged in February 2015 has finally been laid to rest.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has stated that the bill has sacked this “nonsensical EU rule”. Vnuk would have increased insurance premiums in the UK by an average of £50 and potentially caused the collapse of the motorsports sector.

The Bill – introduced to Parliament by Peter Bone MP – scraps (in the UK) the EU ruling making motor insurance compulsory for vehicles being used on private land, as well as potentially a greater range of vehicles including those used in motorsports, agricultural machinery and light electric vehicles.

Vnuk would have also covered motorsports collisions potentially involving vehicles from go-karting to Formula One, which would have been treated as regular road traffic incidents requiring insurance. 


Neil Liversidge said:

“MAG was first to identify VNUK as a serious threat to motorcyclists, and especially to ‘off-roaders’.  We are glad to see that our campaigning has paid off, with a result made possible by the Government’s greater freedom of action following Brexit.”