MAG calls out lethargy on electric motorcycle charging infrastructure.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has repeated warnings that the needs of motorcyclists are being ignored in charging infrastructure provision.  Riders are being urged from all angles to ‘go electric’ at this week’s Motorcycle Live show, but MAG shows that the needs of riders are not considered when it comes to charging infrastructure.

electric motorcycle charging infrastructure

Soon after the publication of the Government’s UK electric vehicle infrastructure strategy in March 2022, MAG warned that the interests of motorcyclists were not adequately covered.  Twenty months later MAG has taken the opportunity to explore charging facilities for motorcycles at the Birmingham NEC and found them to be inadequate.  In a video released by MAG the provision of charging infrastructure for motorcycles has been examined in some depth.

Despite being home to one of Europe’s largest EV charging facilities, the home of the Motorcycle Live Show has admitted that there are no dedicated motorcycle charging facilities on site. Free motorcycle parking is offered in Hall 12 for the duration of the show, but with no charging points.  The main carparks have a tiny number of charge points, none dedicated for motorcycles, and the BP Pulse facility is accessed via front-facing ANPR camera-controlled barriers.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“It is ironic that, at the UK’s premier motorcycle show, where the future of motorcycling is displayed and promoted, the basics of charging infrastructure are so shockingly sub-standard.  We pointed out to the Government that despite our efforts to raise alarms in the consultations, the strategy seemed to ignore the interests of motorcyclists.  Well over a year later, speaking to infrastructure providers it is clear that the needs of riders are yet to enter the conversation.  I am not aware of the existence of a single dedicated, public motorcycle charging bay in the country.  If anyone knows different – please let me know.”

MAG’s National Chair, Neil Liversidge, said:

“We are implacably opposed to the Government’s policy to wipe out the internal combustion engine.  That does not mean we are opposed to electric motorcycles – they will be part of the future of motorcycling.  But the relative significance of that role should be determined by the riders, not the Government.  We will campaign just as hard for riders’ needs to be considered in the charging infrastructure as we do for riders’ interests in all other areas.  What is clear to me, is that the Government want to force us to buy electric bikes, but cannot be bothered to create even the pretence that they intend to make those vehicles a viable option.”