MAG congratulates Bill Wiggin, new Chair of Parliamentary Motorcycling Group.

New Parliamentary Motorcycling Group Chair, Bill Wiggin

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) congratulates Bill Wiggin MP on his election as the new Chair of the All-party Parliamentary Motorcycling Group (APMG).  MAG also thanks outgoing Chair Chris Law MP for his support over the last four years.

At the Motorcycling APPG’s AGM on 29th April, Bill Wiggin MP was elected as the new Chair of the parliamentarians motorcycling group.

Bill is an enthusiastic motorcyclist.  In 2003 he introduced a bill to allow motorcycle access to bus lanes.  His opening line was “As possibly the only Member of Parliament who motorcycles to work every day, I am one of more than 1 million motorcyclists in Britain who recognise the pleasure and convenience of filtering past the gridlocked traffic and steering clear of public transport.”

MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Lembit Öpik, is a former MP and former chair of the Motorcycling APPG.  Lembit said:

“Bill was a very active member of the All Party Group when I was Chairman, and I emphatically applaud his promotion to the top job in the group. He is a truly frequent rider, using his machine as a commuting tool. This means Bill experiences what we all experience in terms of traffic, bad weather and the joy of riding. I’m really looking forward to teaming up with him again, because I know he’s going to be good for the All Party Group and great for British biking.”

Bill Wiggin commented:

“Having been a motorcyclist for more than quarter of a century, I have always seen the importance of motorcycles as a vital part of the mix of travel options in the UK. They’re economical, inexpensive and have a low carbon footprint. I hope to make sure that the Government takes biking into account as we create a sustainable transport regime. Working with riders and the industry, the future looks brighter for motorbikes and scooters. I look forward to the APPG integrating political understanding and priorities even more closely with biking.”

One of Bill’s first acts as Chair was to give the APPG’s formal support to the Ride To Work Day campaign.  This is a fitting start for an APPG Chair who rides his motorcycle to work.

MAG has also thanked outgoing Chair, Chris Law MP. Lembit paid tribute to Chris Law saying:

‘Chris has been a tremendous advocate for motorcycling, earning the respect and gratitude of thousands of riders across the UK. His active contribution – and personal knowledge of biking as a world-travelled rider – means he has raised the profile of motorcycling inside and outside Parliament. Chris will always be welcomed at MAG events wherever he goes, as a part of the community he has done so much to represent.’