MAG on track to turn hope into reality for motorcyclists.

MAG on track for motorcyclists

Continuing progress between the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) and the Department for Transport (DfT) shows that MAG is on track to turn hope into reality for motorcyclists.  Roads Minister, Baroness Vere agrees that “there is more that the Department can do to provide direction and support for motorcycling.”

MAG’s meeting with Roads Minister, Baroness Vere in January will have a lasting impact on the future of motorcycling in the UK.  A recent letter has revealed the extent of the progress made.  At the meeting, Baroness Vere asked MAG to create a list of riders’ top five priorities. 

In the letter, Baroness Vere admits that delivering on the priorities raises complex and challenging issues.  The Minister states that MAG and the DfT will need to work together to better understand the specifics of each ask.  She goes on to recognise the extensive contacts and influence that MAG has developed in various forums.  The Minister concludes by saying:

“I am pleased that MAG is taking such a collaborative approach and that, whilst work is still continuing on the consideration of your ‘top five priorities’, we have in place forums with the right expertise to not only address these concerns, but to explore what more the Government can do to support motorcycling.”

MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, commented:

“I am delighted by this further evidence that we are on track to deliver real results.  Factors like the recent formation of the National Motorcyclists Council and MAG’s continued work mean that riders can hope for a brighter future.  We are at the early stages of a complex and no doubt lengthy process, but we are undeniably moving motorcycling to where it needs to be – at the heart of transport policy.

If you are not already a member, now is the time to join MAG.  The work we do does not happen by chance and there are costs involved.  More riders investing in MAG membership will help us to turn hope into reality on your behalf.”

You can support MAG’s work and enjoy many member benefits by taking out full membership for just £27 per year.  Join online at or by contacting the office during normal office hours on 01926 844 064.