MAG Foundation and NYRF trial new safety messaging approach.

The MAG Foundation have funded a new filtering safety video which aims to trial a new safety messaging approach.  Working with the National Young Riders Forum (NYRF) the computer-animated video focuses on how to filter correctly and how drivers can help riders to filter safely.  The approach reinforces messages that filtering is legal and beneficial to all road users.

new safety messaging approach

Filtering of motorcycles, scooters, and pedal cycles through congested lanes of motor vehicles is legal, but it can lead to conflict.  The NYRF commissioned a detailed research project on young rider safety.  Researchers from Agilysis interviewed young riders aged 16 – 24 as part of the venture.  One useful insight from young riders showed they wanted drivers to be more aware that filtering is legal. 

NYRF facilitator, Heidi Duffy, said:

“There was a clear message from young riders through our research project. Lecturing them is not always the best thing to do.  Young riders want to feel supported.  So, with the funding from the MAG Foundation, we have been able to meet that brief.  We are delighted to produce a safety message that features the positives of riding rather than the negativities.”

new approach to road safety messaging

Tony Cox, MAG Foundation Trustee, said:

“The MAG Foundation was happy to fund this project.  We know that riders see a judgmental element coming through in some road safety campaigns.  Building awareness of the legitimacy of filtering and giving young riders the confidence to know how to filter responsibly is great.”

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, sits on the NYRF and has been working hard on the project.  Colin said:

“The video fits naturally with our existing Filter Friendly campaign.  I was keen to get the video launched to coincide with our promotion of Ride To Work Day.  Motorcycles and scooters provide an affordable and accessible route to accessing education, training and work.  So, for young people with limited budgets they are a perfect solution.   Therefore, we must support them to be as safe as possible.  If all road users work together to support young riders filtering through our congested roads, everyone benefits.  In short, being Filter Friendly is morally right for all road users.

Thank you to MAG Foundation for the funding, the NYRF members who helped with the development of the video, and also to Koala for the computer wizardry to create the animated video.  And let’s not forget the young riders who gave their honest feedback on how we can better support them on the roads.”