Motorcycle commuters revealed: What secrets did we learn?

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) have today revealed the headline motorcycle commuter secrets learnt in the Ride To Work Day survey.  MAG have also announced the winner of the prize draw.

motorcycle commuter secrets revealed

MAG is delighted by the high response rate to the survey.  In total there were over 780 completed questionnaires submitted.

Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement, Colin Brown said:

“The survey results so far give us a partial result, but none the less it is very interesting.  The responses came overwhelmingly from riders of larger machines with full licences.  We thus have more work to do to understand the small bike and learner category. From MCIA figures on motorcycle registrations we can deduce that we are probably only half way to getting the full picture on motorcycle commuters.  We will continue work to fill this gap in our data.”

There will be a full analysis of the responses in due course but the headline learnings for experienced riders on larger motorcycles include that they are a hardy bunch.  Weather is not as big a barrier as many may think.

Only fifteen percent stop commuting on their bikes in poor weather.  Eighty percent of experienced motorcycle commuters ride to work regularly or always in fair weather as opposed to sixty percent in poor weather.

Of our respondents six in ten say they use a car as an alternative choice for their commute.  Two in ten use public transport and between two and three in ten get active by walking or cycling when not on their bike.

The average commute distance for our sample group of motorcycle commuters was 18 miles.

The lucky winner of our prize draw was Paul from London who will be receiving his Oxford Disc Lock shortly.  His reaction on hearing about his win:

“Great! Never won anything, so thrilled.”

Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash