Vive le demo!!

June 18th 2011 and bikers in France decide that Government proposals to ban all bikes over 7 years old from urban areas is a bad idea.

So too the proposals for dayglo clothing, large number plates for bikes and hugely increased speeding fines as well as going straight to jail 30mph over the limit.

The FFMC is MAG’s equivalent in France and also a member of FEMA.

MAG’s Nich Brown and Paddy Tyson were in Lille to meet the local FFMC organisers, show support and have a bloody good time. Every town in the country had a demonstration and in Lille the demo route included the ‘5 lanes each way’ A1 main motorway.

The 5000 or so riders decided to park up and have a leisurely smoke on the carraigeway before heading into Lille City centre.

William, one of the organisers said “the police are not so very OK with us”, but in truth, the 30 or so police riders on FJRs and TDMs, seemed to be enjoying themselves weaving around and between the scooters, sports bikes, customs and every manner of machine that was present.

July 2nd is the opportunity for UK riders to make their feelings known about plans to limit tyre choice and the use of aftermarket air filters or sprockets, as well as dayglo clothing and a raft of other euro proposals. See you in Birmingham B45 8UU at mid day.

For more photo’s from the day, follow this link:!/media/set/